Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missing video or audio in editing

Issue: Video clips have disappeared

Media Offline
Source audio or video has been moved or deleted. Can also happen where footage has been logged but not yet batch captured.

Media Offline shown by warning screen and red diagonal line through clip in browser.

Solution 1:

Use the Reconnect Media command under the file menu, use search to find the clip and then reconnect. If more than one clip has gone offline you may be able to reconnect them in one operation.

Solution 2:

Attach a camcorder or video tape deck with source tape loaded, set camera to VCR and batch capture.


Final Cut Pro is a non destructive editing system. All edits are made using references to clips not the actual clip. Editing can continue even when the media is not there.
If the actual video file has been moved, or not been ingested onto the computer you are editing on then the clips are marked as Media Offline. References to them will still stay in place as part of the edited video until they are reconnected.\
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